Being kind

Whatever your personal views, I think you’d agree that politics in the UK (and the USA) is going through a tricky phase. There is a higher degree of confrontation, argument and abuse than I remember ever seeing.

As a result, there are various leading political figures calling for calm, and for a more respectful, kinder approach.

I think it’s important we remember these same values in our day-to-day business dealings. In the 25+ years I’ve been working in writing and marketing, I’ve been lucky – I’ve very rarely faced outright hostility from other people. I’ve been shouted and sworn at a few times, but to be honest they were probably deserved.

My concern is that the confrontational climate of today’s politics will spill over into other areas of our lives. Instead, we all have a responsibility to be polite and respectful, to argue our points forcefully but based on evidence not prejudice, and to give other people the benefit of the doubt without judging.

In short, to be kind whenever we can.

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