How to write good award entries

In most industries, winning an award can be great publicity, and a useful door-opener. But how do you write an award entry so the judges will sit up and take notice?

I’ve written successful award submissions for many clients, and if I could give you just one piece of advice it would be this: think about the poor judges! They’ll be overworked, and having to plough through the badly-written prose of countless ‘leading vendors’. In many cases, the award submissions will be confusing, and any nuggets of interest are buried under sentences of empty boasting.

Like in most writing, your award entry should be clear, concise, and free of waffle. Read the organisers’ notes to find out what the judges want, and make sure you get your key points up front and central.

Is the award for technical innovation? Then say why your product is innovative, why that matters to your customers, and why it does something no-one else can.

Are they looking for commercial success? Then make your first sentence lay out the facts of your case, with real numbers.

Stick to the facts, don’t assume prior knowledge of all your jargon, don’t exaggerate – but don’t be afraid to state in clear terms why you’re the best.

And good luck!

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