It’s all about attention

If you’re interested in the future of media, it’s worth reading this new article by Martin Belam, who is social & new formats editor for the Guardian.

He makes plenty of good points, and clearly knows the sector very well, but the most telling argument for me is at the end of the article: that because everyone has a phone in their pocket, they could choose to do almost anything instead of paying attention to what you have published.

I think the same point is valid for marketers, PRs and content creators – why should your target read or watch what you’ve put in front of them, instead of doing something more interesting on their phone? How can you maintain their attention, when they could be checking their email, messaging a colleague, or doing just about anything else?

Here’s some answers: be interesting, be relevant, keep your content short, and offer something that your audience really care about.

It’s good to be reminded that we don’t have the right to expect attention – it always needs to be earned, to be nurtured, and to be rewarded.

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