Over-excited, or not

Is it just me? Or does everyone feel a mild shiver of revulsion when they read how a company suit is ‘excited’ about some really dull news of a new widget?

I’m sure it’s not just me, actually. If you’re writing about something deathly boring, don’t try and over-sell it with words that would be more suitable to announcing the arrival of a new baby, rather than just an upgraded product. Readers are not stupid, and they’ll see straight through you.

It comes back to the principle of ‘show, don’t tell’. Don’t try and convince your readers that something is exciting when it’s not. Instead, get the facts in front of them – your new widget may not thrill the reader, but if it’s going to cut their costs by 10%, they’ll be interested enough to find out more.

And if your new product is both dull and pointless, maybe you shouldn’t be shouting about it in the first place.

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