The e-ink laptop

I’m writing this post outside in the sunshine. Lovely environment to work in, except I can hardly see the screen.

But e-ink displays, such as on Amazon’s Kindle, are far easier to read in bright light. They’ve been around for years, so why hasn’t anyone made an e-ink laptop?

There have been dedicated e-ink monitors, but it seems it’s only now that someone is brave enough to launch an e-ink laptop. As covered in Lilliputing, eBook maker Onyx is launching a 9.7 inch screen laptop called the Boox Typewriter.

There’s minimal information around yet, but The Digital Reader has a video from Charbax, and it seems to be an Android Netbook convertible. Note the comments comparing it to the Freewrite.

I’m sold already. With an e-ink screen this should have good battery life, and it just needs a basic word processor. Sign me up for the first batch.

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