Think about your online presence – all of it

Recently, I was researching a company I’d not previously heard of, so I started by just typing its name into Google.

Interestingly, one of the first results was its profile on, which primarily consists of anonymous reviews written by employees. This company’s profile was, shall we say, less than glowing, and the negative comments from its staff created a very different picture from that given by the firm’s own website.

There’s two things to learn from this.

Firstly, it’s a basic SEO principle: make sure you’re active online so your content can achieve good search results for your company name, and anything negative is balanced. Write things, get them posted on your own website and others, make noise on social media.

Secondly, remember that you can’t control everything that’s said about you online – and in particular on social media. If your customer service sucks, or you’re a horrible employer, the people you’ve annoyed will inevitably say so, publicly.

It comes back to authenticity: you can tell people what you’re like as a company or brand, but nowadays the truth (or at least some version of it) will out. And people finding the negative comments online have no way of verifying their accuracy, so may well just take them on face value and assume they’re true, even if they’re not.

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